Solx's primary focus has been solar installation, which inherently involves a hybrid of various trades depending on the type of project. We are 1) a licensed electrical contractor, 2) a roofing company, 3) we do remodel (and other general contracting), and 4) concrete. Because of this, we have the skills to do projects that aren't related to solar. So, we do those from time to time as well.

Solar & Electrical Contracting
Most of the projects shown in the Gallery of photos have a solar element to them. We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor with an Electrical Administrator and Journeyman Electrician. This means we can pull electrical permits for an inspection to occur usually within a couple days. A lot of our electrical work involves wiring solar panels, inverters, combiner boxes, meters, and activity in electric service panels. We also add sub panels, upgrade feeder wires, wire ethernet connections and other low voltage connections, install back-up lithium ion battery systems, critical loads panels, car chargers, and generators. We also wire complete custom homes, switches, outlets, lights, chandeliers, and virtually any other type of electrically related wiring activity. It is all within our wheelhouse.

Roofing Contractor
We are also a roofing contractor. Our liability insurance covers us for standard roofing activity (tearoff, installing new shingles, and metal roofs). Frequently, customers will choose to reroof before having solar installed, and we have reroofed homes that aren't considering solar at all. We have installed various types of composition shingle roofs and metal roofs, some of which appear in the gallery photos. For instance, the Fall City photo shows a property that had a tree fall on the metal roof of a large barn. We replaced the metal roof on one half of the building with ribbed metal roofing panels and installed solar panels directly to the ribs. We also fixed some damaged framing members. Even when we aren't replacing roofs, solar, by it's very nature, involves roofing activity. Most of the racking systems that attach panels to roofs require cutting back shingles and installing flashing. You really want a company on your roof that understands how to walk on a roof without impacting the performance of existing roof shingles.

Framing & General Contracting
Currently we are focusing on electrical, but Solx has done framing, finish work, and misc other types of general contracting. Some homes seek to add solar in a backyard space and need a gazebo, roof over patio, or other structure framed to accomodate. In one instance, we had a customer tell us they didn't care about solar, but wanted us to pour a concrete patio and erect a roof over it. So, we shrugged and said, "OK." We hope to do more projects with frameless solar panels where the solar panels actually are the roof and filter light through. But, we don't have to make all our projects solar. The owner of Solx did quite a few projects before starting Solx that involved complete kitchen and bathroom remodels, drywall, trimwork, crown molding, hardwood floor installation, adding heating systems, foundation waterproofing, rewiring homes, doors, windows, painting, and the list goes on and on. We have a great relationship with a structural engineer. For projects that need permitting, we typicaly draft up the dimensions ourself and forward to our engineer for blueprints.

When we do ground mount solar installations, there is often a concrete and earth-moving element involved. This could require excavating holes for posts and trenches for wiring. Since we already have a relationship with a pump truck company, we found it easy pour a patio for a customer last year. We demolitioned the old patio, hauled it away, excavated for the new enlarged space, poured, and finished a new smooth surface. While we were at it, we added a "compass stamp."